Why are you here?

Well, it’s simple really. You are talented and you are proud of what you do.

You might be a kick ass promo person or maybe you sing like the angels. You might dance like Michael Jackson or be the next BIG presenter. Whatever your talent – you deserve to feel proud and you deserve to showcase your talent.

But how can you ensure your talent gets noticed?

How can you stand up tall and shout “LOOK AT ME – I’M AWESOME”?

Put much simpler – how can you promote yourself?

The answer is MeBoxx.

MeBoxx is the industry leading talent platform taking the UK by storm.

Whether it’s your stats, your skills, your experience, your photos, video, work history or even links to external websites or social media – MeBoxx allows you to create a profile to share all this information on one simple (and personalised) URL.

For example, here’s Chris: http://meboxx.com/christopher-chandler

Meet Danielle

Danielle is an actor, dancer and brand ambassador who is applying for promotional work. She needs to promote herself. Does this sound familiar? Our short (just 1 minute 46 seconds), animated video starring Danielle explains absolutely everything you need to know about the MeBoxx service.

Agency Services

It’s not fair that you have all the fun so we decided to invite agents and agencies to the MeBoxx party!

Approved agencies are able to search the MeBoxx database for the staff or talent they need.

Our white label service allows them to add their own branding to any MeBoxx profile. This allows them to present your profile to their own clients without any MeBoxx branding and their own logo in place.

Some agencies are already calling MeBoxx a revolution.


Absolutely No Risk

It is very important to us that everyone can create a MeBoxx profile absolutely free of charge. Simply register, login and create your MeBoxx profile.

You can preview your profile at any time. Are you a busy bunny? Well, you can log out and your profile is saved. Log back in later to continue.

Once you have finished your profile. There are two ways it can go…

1. You aren’t so keen on your profile. That’s fine. MeBoxx isn’t for everyone. Like we said – there is no risk. Simply log out of MeBoxx and all you have lost is a little time.

2. You love your profile. Well, this makes us happy. For a small subscription you can push your profile live on your own personalised URL.


MeBoxx is the answer

You want that job. You need the agent or agency to realise that you possess the right skills, the right experience and that you are totally right for the job.

So you have a dilemma..

You can send them an email, with your CV attached, with numerous photos attached and with links to external content. You can write a nice introduction and try and explain your suitability for the job and hope they read your CV in depth and pull out the right info. Maybe you should pull some of the CV highlights out and paste in the email body incase they are too busy? Or would that be too pushy?


You can send them your MeBoxx profile.

One link. One click. All the information they need at their finger tips.


MeBoxx is the future

Perfect for talent to promote themselves.
Perfect for agencies to review talent.
Perfect for agencies to present their talent.


Give MeBoxx a try today